Age Gate – Adult Verification

From the 25th July it is mandatory for adult content sites to explicitly check that visitors from the UK are 18+

Age Gate offers a solution by validating our members whilst protecting their privacy. By adding a small bit of code to your web site we can confirm our member is authorised and you may let them in.

First check is visitors IP, if they are from the UK you must validate they are 18+ or face blocking from all UK ISP’s. Validation is not required from outside the UK at this time.

To our UK members we offer completely private, secure age validation accepted on all participating sites. 

Web site owners can register their domain for free, you must first be a member to register your domain. Members may register multiple domains.

Membership is an annual fee (TBC) where you will have unrestricted access to all participating sites without ever having to reveal any personal information.

Your personal details are stored by Age Gate for verification and compliance, not shared with any other party or used for any marketing purposes whatsoever. When you visit a participating site we simply tell them yes or no.

With the Age Gate system there is no tracking of your activity or recording of your browsing history, you are anonymous.

Age Gate shall remain a transparent Limited company with no affiliation to any content providers. We have no conflict of interest in keeping your data safe, secure and locked away.