Add your site

It’s easy to integrate Age Gate with your existing web site.

Age Gate will identify UK visitors only and direct them to validate if they have not already done so. Visitors from outside the UK are not required to validate and will be allowed through.

As well as a dedicated WP plugin you can add an App on Wix pagebuilder which will activate protection.

Register your site early so we can check your configuration and ensure AgeGate will work on your setup.


You can enable AgeGate on your site in advance of legal requirement to ensure correct operation and to demonstrate compliance, where necessary, with your hosting provider. AgeGate will not obstruct or challenge visitors until it is a statutory requirement to do so.

We provide a small piece of code which checks our members passkey when they arrive at your site. Once the key is validated you can allow the UK visitor to peruse your site as a verified adult.

Our dedicated validation server contains only keys and dates nothing else.

Domain Registration (Free) will be available in the next few days.

Top-level domains are all that are required (domain.tld) which covers all sub-domains (www.domain.tld, videos.domain.tld, etc.)