Data Policy

Your personal data is protected at all times. Age Gate are an independent Limited company with no affiliation to any content providers.

We shall remain transparent and independent.

The Database containing your ID, name, email and phone is not accessible by participating sites.

Once you have provided your details and these have been validated by Age Gate your token is placed on our verification server to allow member sites to confirm you have verified you are 18+

At no time are any of the sites you visit passed any personal information. The only data transmitted from our server is Yes, or No.

When participating sites make requests their requests are validated to ensure they are an active domain on our system prior to providing a response code.

A counter records a request from the client domain and no other information is exchanged. You are not tracked, no history, no spying, no marketing.

We are providing a simple service without conflict of interest which frankly is the best we can do to deal with legal requirements and address fears of data misuse or fears of spying.

Online validation key servers are updated twice daily however new members and sites can be active within 60 minutes of their valid application.