The Age Gate system is designed to allow access to adult content for verified adults without the need for partner sites to require any additional proof of age

Age Gate client sites do not require, or have any great desire to collect, check and verify their visitors. Equally members do not want to divulge their personal details to a multitude of sites they may choose to visit.

Age Gate is independent of any site operator and shares your data with no-one.

Age Gate has been developed to allow both small and large adult content sites to offer a method for verifying their visitors whilst maintaining privacy and anonymity as required by UK legislation.

It removes the need for partner sites to integrate a check system requiring a high degree of confidence from viewers over privacy and potential data breaches.

By offering a dedicated, secure central service we offer a platform for both client sites and members to use with confidence.

We will continue to liaise with our members and client sites to develop and enhance a smooth, effortless experience for adults wishing to look at adult content.

You can contact us to discuss any of the details on this site.